The start of a new school year can bring back so many memories and firsts.  Your first child starting school, a child’s first year of college, a teachers first year.

As parents we hope and pray that the new school year will be one of adventure, making friends and developing a hunger for knowledge. We anxiously wait for them to get home and tell us all the little details of their day.  Do they like their teacher? Did they make any new friends?  What did they learn?  I remember listening to the excitement in their voices and anxiously waiting to hear if they wanted to go back.

For those parents that have kids starting college there is an entirely different feeling that overcomes us.  Our baby is leaving us, the empty bedroom; one less plate at the dinner table, the list just goes on…  This is the beginning of their journey into adulthood.   This time the questions are for us this.   Did I teach them Responsibility? Manners?  Compassion? Respect?   And again we anxiously wait to hear about their first day of school.

To all the teachers that have chosen this very noble profession, we thank you for making a difference in our children’s life.  For showing them that learning can be fun and giving them a thirst for knowledge.   For showing them that they can achieve any goal they set.

No matter where in life you are, please remember to let the children in your life know how special and important they are. 

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverb 22:6